Courtney Contos

I tested Timbers gorgeous wooden tools for three years, once I knew the quality was above and beyond I placed an order. It's the only wooden tools that we carry in my Vermont store! Happy Cooking.


Mary C. Merola

Thanks for sending samples which we have already used in our Culinary Studio. Your product is beautiful!


Sarah Freeman

Dealing with a new vendor for the first time you never know how easy or difficult it will be to work with them. How well a vendor works with the retailer can make a big difference in the success of a product line. With the tens of thousands of products we sell, finding a vendor that has good products, are responsive, reliable, and values input from the retailer’s perspective are few and far between.
I had the opportunity to work with Timbers for the first time a few months ago, and I thought I would provide the following feedback.
Quality of products:
The finish on the spoons and utensils was far better than I had anticipated. One of our customers described it “like butter” as they slid their hand over the large spoon.
Customer Service:
Working with Timbers has been a dream. They walked me through how things would go and it worked out perfectly ~Very well-organized and thought out processes.
Because our stores are in Alaska, it is an often the case that we have shipping issues with many of our vendors.  That said, with Timbers not only did the products arrive quickly, but the entire order was extremely reasonable.  A large part of this decreased price was due to Timbers going the extra mile by pricing the freight several different ways (through different sources) so that I could choose what would work best for us. 

The most unexpected thing a company has ever done for me is when I let Timbers know that I was unable to find and purchase a particular type of product our customers wanted. They asked me a few questions about the shape and design and Timbers made a mock up for me to see.  I was amazed!  The price was the same as what I had seen out on the market for a similar type of product and now it is a custom piece we can sell and a great introduction to our customers regarding Timbers and the quality and level of service they deliver.


Diana Saklad

Timbers continues to be a great seller for us

Villa Cucina Utensils Picture.jpg

Robin - Small business owner and consultant

I am a consultant who often works out of my home. At times my kitchen becomes my business boardroom so it is important that it looks attractive. I encountered the beautiful products produced by Timbers online while searching for some wooden spoons to complement my new Staub cast iron cookware. I live in Ottawa and was unable to find product that was both beautiful enough to be displayed and also useful. I made a first large order and was so thrilled with the beautiful spoons and the walnut presentation board that I just had to have more and made a second even larger order. I love the mixture of maple, cherry and walnut spoons. The large cherry presentation board with serving spots that I just ordered is stunning, the wood grain is beautiful! 

Also the customer service was excellent. Thank you